A few years ago, I wrote my original post about crazy Ambien tales.  Today on Mornings on Mix we were talking about some crazy sleepwalking stories and a lot of those stories involved Ambien.  So I thought I would do a continuation of the Ambien tales.

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I have a friend who takes Ambien and some of the stories she tells are absolutely insane.  Crazy insane.  I always ask her why she still takes the stuff and the answer is simple,  "I can't sleep and I sleep on my Ambien".  My response to her is "oh you sleep on Ambien?  Apparently you don't and you go on adventures."

So here are a few more Ambien tales to share.

Rhonda share a story with us on our Facebook page about her binging while on Ambien:

I used to take Ambien I was gaining weight like crazy.. One morning I went to pack my husbands lunch and his snacks were all gone. I said honey please don't eat your lunchbox snacks. He said I don't know what your talking about. So as food kept missing I started thinking; because I had gained about 30 pounds. Anyway my husband put up a video, and it was me! I would take my Ambien go to sleep then wake up around 2:00 am get up and gorge for an hour then go back to bed and go back to sleep. I will never ever take it again!
And I lost the weight!


Gina shared that she likes to do her hair while on Ambien:

That stuff is dangerous I was straightening my hair and didn't even know till the morning my hair was straight to top it off I was floating and seeing stuff. .. talking to the hubby and calling people idk what else. I don't take those no more.

Cory had an Ambien tale to share with us:,

Well my story on Ambien isn't so funny. I was prescribed it 2 years ago because of my insomnia and sleeping problem I started to believe our world was the Matrix. I had to find out if I was Neo or Agent Smith. I walked to a hospital that night with sunglasses and was running for no reason and starring people down. I also believed my dad was the oracle program. Then, I read my new gaming magazine with a picture of a boy playing a Nintendo 3DS in it , and found out we are living in a rouge, Gameboy Color's mind.