SC Autos in Amarillo is sure to be more careful with test drives after a scary incident Saturday.

Sales Representative Martin Raynos was on a test drive with a potential car buyer on Saturday.  Raynos started to get the feeling that things might be amiss when the test driver began to act nervous as he was driving.  He seemed to be especially cautious at stop signs, checking each direction several times before proceeding.  They were on a hill near 8th Avenue.

That's when the test driver took out a gun and pointed it at Raynos.

Raynos tried to surreptitiously leave his cellphone in the floor board of the car when he got out, presumably hoping it would make the car and gunman easier to track.  The suspect noticed the attempt and according to Raynos, the gunman fired off a warning shot before leaving the area.

Raynos, unhurt but a bit rattled made it back to the dealership.  It was later discovered the suspect apparently had some type of surveillance camera blocking device as footage recovered from the cameras show the gunman to be blacked out.

The gunman was also unable to provide an ID when asked before the test drive.

The dealership will now require an ID before granting any test drives.  The Amarillo police department advises all car dealers do the same.

The suspect remains at large.