While children may love the magic of a White Christmas many adults in Amarillo have been perplexed as to where all the plows went on Christmas Day.

Tuesday's winter storm produced white out conditions and trouble for Christmas Day motorists across the city.  Things weren't much better the day after.

Although TxDot was out on I40 Christmas Day, the City of Amarillo snow plows stayed tucked away in their beds.  Many residents are curious why, especially those returning to Amarillo from out of town.

The criteria for plowing the city calls for at least three inches of snow.  With the airport only registering two inches this meant the plows were not utilized to clear city streets.  Major intersections were salted and sanded to help motorists stop and start at the lights but the vast majority of snow has been left to melt where it fell.

Today the city will be checking street drainage to ensure there are no ice blockages and the melting snow should soon be a part of our shared Christmas memory.