Let's face it, we live in a great city.  We have a lot of great things to do here in Amarillo and it is a great city to raise a family, build a home, make friends and live.  That's why it is awesome to see Amarillo getting its recognition.

TSM Amarillo

Only in Your State recently released an article on the Best Places to Live in Texas and wouldn't you know it, Amarillo made the list.

Of course, it did, Amarillo is great!

The article said this about Amarillo:

You might not think of this town as a place to raise a family, but it has one of the cheapest costs of living for a moderate sized city in the state, plus it's a leader in renewable energy with the many wind turbines in the city, opening up numerous job opportunities. The growing job market, relatively low cost of living, and the beautiful Palo Duro Canyon just outside the city definitely earn Amarillo a spot on our list!

Those are definitely great reasons.  However, we have great local restaurants, an awesome school system, we come together as a community when tragedy hits, we have some of the best museums in the state, and some of the best tourist attractions.   So who wouldn't want to live in Amarillo?

Why do you think Amarillo is a great place to live?