Two Amarillo men are looking at stiff fines and lengthy prison sentences for trafficking methamphetamine.

In mid-July American authorities became aware of an SUV, registered in Chihuahua, Mexico, would be arriving in Amarillo from El Paso.  Federal prosecutors say 42-year old Richard Madrigal drove the SUV on July 17th to Amarillo.  An accomplice, 37-year old Damian Erik Alcala followed in a car.

Authorities descended on the residence the pair were occupying.  A search of the residence led to the discovery of crystal meth in the kitchen and two pistols.  The authorities searched the SUV and discovered 84 pounds of liquid methamphetamine in the gas tank.

Yesterday the pair plead guilty to conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute methamphetamine.  Both are in custody, awaiting sentencing by a Federal judge in Amarillo.  The pair could each be fined up to $10 million but most importantly the two could be sentenced to life in prison.