A woman who appeared to be attempting suicide was talked down by a man in Amarillo on Wednesday, March 9th.

The Amarillo Police Department responded to a call that a woman was trying to jump off a bridge on Amarillo Boulevard. She was on an elevated walkway with a protective fence blocking the edge of the bridge. The caller told the 911 operator that a man was on the scene and appeared to be trying to get her off the fence.

When they arrived, officers were told that a man had coerced the woman from over the protective fence.

The man left the scene before APD arrived, so they sent out a request for help identifying him.

Shortly after the request was sent out, the police were directed to the man and confirmed his identity. He said the woman had one leg over the protective fence when he saw her. He said he got out of the car and talked to her, eventually convincing her to return to the safe side of the fence.

The woman is now safe and is receiving the help she needs.

APD said that they are appreciative of the man's willingness to intervene.

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