Sunday morning an Amarillo K9 officer was killed in a training accident.

The dog, Bruno, and his handler we were working together training.  Bruno was running to retrieve a training aid used as a reward when he struck a tree head on.  He died immediately.

The police veterinarian said they saw external injuries that could indicate Bruno's neck was broken.

Officer Bruno was an 85-pound, five year old Dutch Shepard and had worked with handler Cpl. Kaleb McCarrell for two years.

Amarillo police K9's live with their handlers at their homes and establish a close bond through many hours of training and working together.  The K9's usually work for around seven years before retiring and living with their handler.

The APD has three patrol.narcotic detection K9's as well as an explosives detection dog.

APD Canine Unit officers will arrange for the dog's burial.