Gas prices in the area fell $0.07.6 per gallon over the last week for a average cost of $1.66 per gallon yesterday.

Most sources say it rare for gas prices to drop in April.  It is believed to be an anomaly and not a trend.

Gas prices in Amarillo are down $0.53.3 cents per gallon than this time last year and $0.14.4 cents lower than this time last month.

The national average has fallen an average on $0.1.2 cents per gallon last week, selling at around $2.04 per gallon.  The national average has increased $0.15.6 cents per gallon during the last month but is down over the week $0.34.9 cents per gallon over the last week.

Sources cite the uneventful switch to summer gas which is almost complete as contributing to the price drop.

Numbers are provided by Gas Buddy.

In comparison gas prices in other areas of the state, Amarillo is in a good spot.  In Midland/Odessa the average is $1.84 per gallon.  In Oklahoma it's $1.77 per gallon, and in Lubbock the average is $1.67 per gallon.