The Amarillo City Council is set to consider a new ordinance that would allow for controlled burns in the city limits.

The ordinance would require the fire department to eliminate vegetation that could fuel a wildfire.  The ordinance would also lay out guidelines for prescribed burns within the city limits.

Initiating a burn will occur when mowing will not mitigate the risk.  Also, conditions have to be favorable for any potential controlled burn.  Proper ambient temperature, prevailing wind, and the humidity are three of the factors that have to be within acceptable limits before a burn would take place.  Before any burn a "burn plan" would be filed that would include a "prescription for burn:, hence the name "prescribed burn".

If the Community Wildfire Protection Plan or CWPP is implemented by the city council the city would be eligible for federal grants to help pay for training and equipment.

If approved it is expected the plan would take over a year to train firefights to execute the CWPP.