The Amarillo City Council unanimously voted in favor of putting a bond election on the November ballot.

There are many propositions associated with the decision and if approved would affect most areas of Amarillo.  It will now be up to voters if the city moves forward on any of the propositions.  The propositions include:

Street improvements

Safety improvements

Neighborhood Parks and Recreations facilities

Civic Center improvements

Fleet Services Department including equipment and vehicles

Athletic facilities including soccer, softball, baseball, basketball, gymnasium, and aquatic facilities.

Voters will be able to vote on all seven, some, or none.  If all seven propositions are approved a proposed property tax increase of 20 cents will be raised over a five year period.

If all seven propositions are approved it would mean a commitment of $340 million dollars.

The propositions were decided on after hearing feedback from the community.  The city held several WISE investment meetings and held focus groups to help identify the needed areas.

The election will coincide with the General Election on November 8th.