It's despised by motorist but used be the city as an economical way to maintain city streets.  It's called the annual Street Overlay Project.

This the project where the city sprays a layer of tar on a street, drops some gravel on it and leaves the area as quickly as possible before motorists with tar on their cars can give them a piece of their mind.

The Street Overlay Project is an economical way for the city to maintain certain busy streets.  And they save untold dollars and time utilizing traffic as a volunteer army of road rollers.

There's nothing like the sound of sticky gravel impacting and coating your wheel wells as you try to drive as slow as possible in a vain attempt to avoid getting tar on your nice white car.

The following areas are targeted for tar and gravel dumping:
River Road from St. Francis to Hastings Avenue.
Polk Street from South 10th Avenue to South 15th Avenue.
27th Avenue from South Osage Street to Grand Street.
South 15th Avenue from Hayden Street to I-27.
Georgia Street from South-West 34th Avenue to I-27.
South 34th Avenue from Western Street to Georgia Street.
Wolflin/Plains Boulevard from Coulter Street to Bell Street.
Plains Boulevard from Western Street to Georgia Street.