If you are reading a book about physics and it only contains one formula, chances are pretty good it's the ubiquitous E=mc2.  Now that you're comfortable with matter and energy being essentially the same thing it is time to move on to his more esoteric thoughts.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem has expanded its vast online Einstein catalog. The enhanced website “sheds light on every aspect of Einstein’s life and on his times,” the first half of the 20th century, the director of the university’s Einstein Center told The Times on Monday.

And it’s not only science, but also personal correspondence that may make readers consider Einstein in a new light.

With 80,000 documents "now listed, categorized, cross-linked and cross-referenced online," according to professor Hanoch Gutfreund, readers have a “panoramic view of the scope of topics and issues in which Einstein was involved.”

There’s a letter to Einstein's 24-year-old mistress, among other lovers; a postcard to his sick mother; even mail about his wild hairdo.

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