Plus, the latest report contains no failing inspections.

It's a good month for restaurants in Amarillo. The City of Amarillo conducts health inspections every week and this week's report highlights six restaurants with perfect conditions.

There are innumerable rules when it comes to food safety and there are different levels of requirements. A business earns a demerit if their conditions do not meet the criteria of food service rules.

15 demerits are considered average, but over 30 demerits warrant a follow-up inspection the next day.

Some common reasons for a demerit are food temperatures, proper signage, and storage conditions. One of the more unfortunate demerits is animal droppings in food areas.

Luckily, none of the restaurants inspected over the past week failed their health inspections.

You can see the entire inspection and other inspections here.

  • Ember's Steakhouse

  • Iguana Taco

  • KFC (Danvers location)

  • Palace Coffee Summitt

  • Red Lobster

  • Whataburger (Pierce location)