Let's face it, we live in a pretty great city.  Amarillo is a good place to live and raise a family.  As with any place it has it's faults, but for the most part it is a great place to live.  However, we Amarilloians have a tendency to grip about certain things about our city.  So here are 10 things People in Amarillo need to stop griping about.

TSM Amarillo

1. There's Nothing to do in Amarillo

There is a bunch of stuff to do in Amarillo.  On any given weekend there is at least 3 or 4 events happening.  Not only that we have some really great museums, activities, parks and more in town to get out and experience.  Sometimes you just have to research to find the fun.

2. We Don't Ever Get any Good Concerts

While this may be true since Lubbock can handle the bigger crowds that's where the bigger artists tend to go, however, Amarillo does have a great music scene you just have to get our and go check it out.

3.  Downtown Redevelopment

Let's face it, this is what it is.  It is a touchy subject.  However, if you didn't get our and vote for the people who represent us, then you can't gripe about what their are doing.  If you didn't get out and voice your opinion at the many meetings that were offered to the public, then you don't get to gripe about it.  See #1 this would give us more to do in Amarillo

4. The Weather

We live in the Texas Panhandle, it's 100 one day, 20 the next, the wind will pick you up off the ground on another day, and it'll be raining the next.  It's unbelievably hot in the summer and cold and snowy in the winter.  The weather here has always been the same, crazy.

5. Construction

We are never going to get away from the construction.  We will always have some sort of construction on any given major road or street.  Just grin and bear it.

6. Restaurants

Why do we need another steakhouse in Amarillo?  Well apparently we do, and apparently it is always busy.  We have a ton of restaurants in Amarillo which I think is really cool.  We have more and more opening up everyday.  I mean let's face it you could eat out for every single meal for a month at a different restaurant and you still wouldn't be able to cover all the restaurants in Amarillo.

7.  Gas Prices

A lot of finger pointing goes into this one and about how a certain person controls the gas prices in town.  Unfortunately, they will be what they will be and there isn't much we can do about it and griping about it won't help.  I have yet to see a complete boycott of a certain business when people call for it.

8.  Motorcycle Cops

Let's face it these guys are just doing their jobs and yes they are going to hang out and wait just to catch you speeding.  If you don't want to get caught by a motorcycle cop, don't speed on I-40 or on Bell because that seems to be where they hang out, oh and the Whataburger at 34th and Coulter.

9. Traffic

Yes it seems we have crazy traffic, but again it is Amarillo.  It's not like we have traffic jams that cause our commutes to be an hour long.  Be thankful we don't have Dallas or Houston traffic.


10. Talking/Texting While Driving

You will always have those people who won't follow the rules.  It is inevitable.  They will continue to text and talk while driving.  The only thing that will probably stop it, is a ticket or a wreck.  Griping about seeing someone do this won't stop it.

So what do you think we need to stop griping about Amarillo?