If you have a smart phone such as and Iphone or Android be aware every move you make is being logged and reported to your cell carrier.  Without your consent and no way to turn it off.

Trevor Eckhart of Connecticut is an Android developer.  He has also discovered some shocking software loaded onto all smart phones.  The software is called Carrier IQ and it logs everything you do on your phone and dutifully reports it to your cell carrier.

From downloaded apps to calls you started but didn't make it is all available to your carrier should they decide they need it.

The software has been labeled a rootkit by Eckhart.  The software runs in the background and resists all efforts to stop and uninstall it.  Cell carriers claim the software is for quality assurance and logs information only to that end.

Eckhart claims the software is for much more.  He has posted a Youtube video showing the software in action.  The video shows the software collecting much more information than cell carriers claim.