Some concepts are difficult to wrap your head around.  Like intermarriageQuantum Physics is another hard to grasp thought.  But trading sex for Chicken McNuggets defies all rational thought.

I do love chicken nuggets.  I'm not sure what McDonald's makes Chicken McNuggets from but it isn't any chicken I've ever tasted.  Much like the McRib, there are parts in there that aren't in the non-Mc variety.  So don't ask me to do something crazy with the lure of free McNuggets.  You can keep the poor pressure squeezed and formed pieces parts for yourself.

Khadijah Baseer of Los Angeles obviously feels differently.  Last Wednesday she had the jones for McNuggets so bad she headed for McDonald's.  When she got there she started going through the drive-up line opening car doors.  When she got the door open she'd ask if anybody wanted to trade McNuggets in exchange for sexual favors.

She was arrested on suspision of prostitution.  Bad taste charges are pending.

That is some hunger.