Regardless of whether you love the iPad or hate it, the tablet has held most of the market share since tablets took off. Well, now it looks like it might have a true competitor as far as price goes.

The Amazon Kindle Fire was released last week and has one thing that is really making it look attractive, a $199 price tag. The new Amazon tablet runs on its own OS built from the Android Platform. It offers just about everything all of the other tablets are offering, minus a camera.

But this dual core device really has some features that people are loving, and is much more affordable than other tablet devices. Apple has reduced manufacturing of the iPad 2, but it's hard to say whether it is because of the release of the Kindle Fire, or just lower demand than originally expected.

This tablet looks like a great entry level device for anyone who is interested in the tablet market, and loves using Amazon for ANYTHING. This tablet really does offer just about anything you could want and it all comes from amazon, as well as any other source you find online. Movies, music, clothes, electronics, gifts and so much more at the tips of your fingers in the amazon store. Some other features include: email, games, internet, apps, maps and more.

While Apple offers all of this (only through their proprietary store iTunes) you are hard lucked to find an  iPad for under $499 these days. With quad cores on the edge of release, then prices might drop. But I doubt it. Apple has never been known for devaluing their product line simply because a competitor releases a faster or newer device.

I guess the battle of the tablet is still on and the ultimate decider comes down to the consumer. So, let us know. What is your favorite device on the market right now?