If you are thinking of donating your body to science in an effort to help others learn please step on the scale first before you apply.

The word has gone forth.  As American's get bigger and bigger(fatter and fatter) obesity is a hot button issue.  I've heard of plenty of people rejecting potential partners due to weight but this is the first I've heard of a difference in the scientific value of dead bodies.

The problem has several interesting facets.  Bodies taller than 6-foot-4 or heavier than 300lbs won't fit the trays that are stacked sometimes six high in coolers.  It can be difficult for technicians in training to move larger corpses and additionally the extra tissue(fat) makes it harder for students to learn on "normal" anatomy(regardless whether 300lbs is the new normal or not).  And finally, most surprising to me, embalming adds another 100 to 150lbs to the weight of the corpse.

If you needed yet another reason to stay trim her it is.  Science disdains obesity too!