This is a question for the ages, or at least our age. It is a constant battle between cell phone makers and operating systems. It continues to get more heated and more polarized.

Since the release of the ‘smart phone’ and all of the new features that they offer, companies are doing everything in their power to release the newest technology before the competitor.

There are really two main competitors in this battle, and a third teeters on the edge hoping to make it

into the mix. Those are, the iPhone, Android and the Windows Smart Phone.

iPhone and Android battle constantly and hold the largest share of users currently. People who love iPhones tend to hate the Androids and vice versa. Both are very complex and powerful devices, but many agree with the statement that “iPhones are more of an entertainment and connection device, while Androids are more of a business device”.

So, now we want to know what you have in your pocket right now.

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