Amarillo police were called to the Red Roof Inn late Sunday evening around 9pm on complaints from tenants of possible drug activity and a suspicious vehicle.

On arrival at the motel in the 6800 block of I-40 officers we directed to the room that had be generating the complaints.  As they approached the suspicious vehicle a man inside tried to slid down in the seat to conceal himself from officers.

Officers searched the car and found a small bag allegedly containing meth.  The occupant was also had warrants for various charges.

Upon entering the room the authorities found a man and two women.  The man attempted to conceal something when officers entered the room. They immediately noticed a handgun on a nightstand and drew their weapons and ordered the man to move away from the weapon.

The officers discovered more of the substance they suspected to be meth and discovered the handgun was stolen.

Both men were taken into custody, the women were released.