LeVar Burton and the Reading Rainbow team have been encouraging reading among all children. Kicking off on PBS in 1983 till 2009, they helped many kids pickup a book and start reading. I have sat down and watched episodes growing up and it had sparked and helped me to get into reading more.

Reading Rainbow successfully used television to turn generations of kids into lifelong readers with great results. In 2014, the Reading Rainbow team turned to the digital age, wanting to use websites, social media and then launching their now #1 educational App for tablets.

Well here is the problem, 1 out of 4 kids will grow up Illiterate and if they can't read by the 4th grade, 400% are most likely to drop out of high school. Every child has a right, and privilege to be literate. Parents we have a responsibility to help prepare our children. As of right now, the numbers show that we as a society, are failing.

Four years after getting canceled LeVar and the Reading Rainbow Team, now want to bring back Reading Rainbow’s unlimited library of interactive books and video field trips for kids everywhere! The mission here is to put Reading Rainbow on the web, build special versions for schools, and make it Free to any school in need.

To make this happen, we all have to work together by either making a small or large pledge donation, spreading the word about Reading Rainbow's mission, and then follow Reading Rainbow on Twitter & Facebook!

The program encouraged a love of literature for millions of children including myself. So lets step up and get reading back in our kids lifes. One guy Gizmodo says "Reading Rainbow might stop the ipad from ruining the brains of all children." Reading Rainbow reminded the many generations of children that by reading, they can GO ANYWHERE, and BE ANYTHING.