Time Magazine has chosen their 'Person Of The Year' and many people are wondering how this years choice came about. Simply because, this is not an actual person.

This is focused at the men and women around the world who have over thrown governments, and brought about change that no-body really expected. From the Arab Spring to the Occupy Wallstreet protesters.

It seems that there is a contagion of protests as they have not been localized to one region, country or city. There doesn't seem to be an end to any of the chaos in sight. Whether you agree, or disagree with these protesters (from any of the places in the world where these are taking place), they have without a doubt, greatly influenced our lives.

Many people were looking to see Steve Jobs or Gabrielle Giffords as the "Person of the Year", but they did not make the short list. They were, however, mentioned earlier in the magazine.

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