I've often suspected the etymology of the word "dentist" came from some Latin word meaning both "sadist" and "pain maker". Well they don't like causing pain anymore than you like getting it.  And now the Plasma Toothbrush might help deliver better fillings with less painful results.

Dentists fill around 200 million teeth per year and this causes around $50 billion in charges.  It is also a pretty excruciating experience, whether or not you take yours with a side of Novocaine.

The Plasma Toothbrush disinfects and cleans out cavities, killing bacterias and leaves a surface that bonds better with fillings, allowing the work to last longer before being redone. Teeth can be filled on average four times before wearing out to the point of needing to be replaced.

Pending FDA approval the plasma brush could be available to dentists as early as 2013.

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