According to a new survey, Facebook is a lot bigger than you might have thought.

Edison Research has released the results of a survey that shows half of all Americans 12 and up have Facebook accounts.  That means if you were going to get on the internet for the first time today you'd be just as likely to be concerned with learning Facebook than being consumed with the nuances of a Google search.  Amazing.

I remember when we got our first computer.  It was great to have but we really didn't know what to do with it.  Other than word processing or data base management pc's really were a novelty vs a tool.  Before PS3's and XBOX 360's us old school gamers got our kicks on Commodore 64's and TI 99/4a's.

Social networking has changed all of that.  Now instead of using PC's as a productivity tool we're using them to supplicate unending phone conversations.

On another note, if you're not using Facebook can you afford to ignore the half of your friends who are already up?