Do you remember the McDonald's hot coffee lawsuit from the 90s.  You know the one about the old lady putting a hot cup of coffee between her legs, drives off and it spills all over her, then she sues McDonald's for over $2M.  We have all joked about the absurdity of that lawsuit.  Did you know, that really isn't the true story of what happened.

I have this habit, as I'm sure you do, of scouring the internet for interesting stories.  Well I just happened across this one from The New York Times.  It is a video from their Retro News.  It is a story about Stella Lieback, the lady who spilled the infamous hot coffee. Take a few minutes, watch this video, and learn what really happened. It will shock you how bad Stella's injuries were and she didn't actually win over $2M in the lawsuit.

Looking back, I feel bad about how I felt about this woman.  I'll admit, I didn't know the facts.  I just went off of what I saw on the news.

Hmm...I guess that means I learned a lesson today, about how the news media can spin a story and make a villain out of someone who really isn't.

Stella Lieback passed away in 2004.  Unfortunately, she left the world with millions of people thinking that she was a money grubbing old lady.  Stella wasn't, she just wanted a company to pay to reimburse her for her medical bills after serving coffee that gave her third degree burns.

I would have wanted the same thing.

RIP Stella, I apologizing for thinking the same horrible things other people did.