You probably aren't aware the government has basically been propping up the internet lately.  This is because many of you have a trojan on your PC, don't know it and it is wrecking havoc on the World Wide Web.

The FBI estimates that over 350,000 computers could be effected and many of them are here in Amarillo and maybe in your home.  The DNS Changer Trojan has caused a four-year $14 million dollar viral scandal that has the potential to shut down the newest of utilities, the internet.

The government has taken steps to keep the internet running smoothly while giving users the opportunity to clean their systems.  That effort will end on July 9th.  If your PC is still infected, the government will take steps to ensure you cannot access the internet.  Fixing your PC after that point will require a second, non-infected internet connected PC to resolve the issue.  In other words, a huge pain.

You can avoid any trouble by checking your computer right now.  There is a web site set up to scan your PC and remove the harmful software.

Don't wait!  This will hurt more than filing your taxes late.