The City of Amarillo put up a brand new sign right next to the entrance of The New 940 studios.  And it brings light to an issue that should be top of mind as you drive through summer.

I'm not a motorcycle fan.  I've never really understood the allure and honestly I find them to be annoying loud cries for attention.  Being a free country I do totally support anyone's right to pilot anything from a segway to a crotch rocket.

My dad was somewhat of a motorcycle enthusiast.  I had trouble grasping a clutch and just never got the bug.  I suppose like most things starting young is key.  But I think most of us know one close family member or friend that has motorcycles in their DNA.

Along those lines remember to be extra careful when driving amongst a motorcycle.  They've got the same rights to be on the road as you do.  And regardless of what you might think of motorcycles most of these crazy people are pretty cool.

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