Road construction is annoying, aggravating and necessary.  The only thing worse than dealing with road work is driving over a bad road.  I guess it could be worse.

It is hard to imagine a harder time than sitting in one lane on an five lane road waiting for the light to change twelve blocks ahead.  I image our five minutes in it is not nearly as bad as eight hours working on it.  Behind the wheel we are all a bit less understanding though.

Here is the plan for the next couple week.  Alter your routes accordingly.

On IH-27, expect the left lane to be closed northbound from Bell Street to Western Street for milling and repaving.

On Amarillo Boulevard, expect lane closures in both directions from Grand Street to Loop 335 (Lakeside) for milling and repaving.

On the IH-40 frontage roads, expect various lane closures in both directions between Tyler and Washington Streets while work crews rebuild sidewalk ramps to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) specifications.

On IH-40, expect two lanes to be closed in each direction at the Georgia and Crocket Street overpasses until late August for bridge-joint repair. The eastbound IH-40 exit ramp to Paramount is also closed for the duration of this project.

On Grand Street, the northbound lanes on the east-side of the roadway are closed for construction of the new overpass. Traffic is reduced to one lane in each direction on the two west-side lanes from about ½ mile south of 3rd Street to about ½ mile north of 3rd Street. This lane closure will be in effect until the project ends at the end of August.

Additionally the station is located on 34th street between Bell and Coulter.  It appears to me that the work on that stretch of street will be done today.  That is just a guess and it wouldn't surprise me if they had more to do tomorrow.  Right now it looks pretty done but at least one lane is still closed.