I was in a sports bar this past weekend watching football.  The games were good.  At least until they went to commercial.

The volume level of the commercials were easily double the programming and in some cases even louder.  Someone at the table wondered aloud, "wasn't the government going to do something about that?"  He's right.  I thought I heard over a year ago the government was going to fix loud commercials.  But in looking back I really haven't noticed a difference.

That's because the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation, or CALM Act signed in 2010 hasn't taken effect yet.  The CALM Act doesn't actually take effect until December 2012.  The world will be gone by then!

The original signing gave the FCC power to grant one-year exemptions to stations that could show "financial hardship" if they were forced to comply with the standards.  And it gets even better.  Those same non-compliant stations can again apply for a one-year exemption next year.

So it could be December 2013 until you see some real relief.  Keep the remote in your belt holster until then.

For more see this source article.