It's time to take Facebook off the internet.  They've got a very disturbing problem and they don't seem to mind.  I had presumed that Facebook was rife with pedophiles.  Most social networking sites are.  What if you knew photos are readily available of naked children, being raped, sodomized and worse all over Facebook?  They are and Zuckerberg seem to be doing little about it.
This is not my story.  I read about it over the weekend.  It's a WND exclusive written by Chelsea Schilling.  The article I read was the first in a four part story.

Schilling has found Facebook is awash in child pornography.  She has found numerous and numbing photos of kids in situations you hear about on the news and all too often read about.  They are nightmare inducing photos.  And the pictures are truly not the most disturbing aspect of the first part of this story.

What is really unbelievable is Facebook allows users to have profile names that include the words 'incet', 'kid love', 'teen love', 'boy sex' and more.  Much more.

Schilling reports it can take three days or longer to get Facebook to remove the illegal and disgusting photos.  But why let users claim offensive pedophilia inspired names in the first place?  Why allow them to advertise to other like-minded sickos?

Microsoft, the owners of Xbox Live have an automated system in place that kicks back and refuses to allow a vast number of potentially offensive gamer tags or game player aliases.  Why not Facebook?

Why does it take longer than three seconds to take pictures down showing the rape of a young boy?

I guess Facebook is too big.

Nonsense. The government needs to shut Facebook down immediately until they can find a proper way to monitor, police, and remove child pornography.  Until then they are no better and in fact much more dangerous than that registered sex offender living in your neighborhood.

Facebook is a mecca for pedophiles.

For more info see the source article.