Homemade Luge Track Brings Out the Best of Winter
In the latest example of embracing winter, a man on YouTube showed the world -- and Mother Nature -- that plenty of fun can be had, despite the deep freeze a good part of the country has been suffering through the last few weeks.
US Factory Output Drop Blamed On Cold Weather
WASHINGTON (AP) — Harsh winter weather led to a steep drop in U.S. factory output in January. Manufacturers made fewer cars and trucks, appliances, furniture and carpeting, as the recent cold spell ended five straight months of increased production
Residents Are At Risk With Car Thefts In Our Area
The cold weather has people heating up their cars while they wait inside for them to warm up, even leaving them on while they run into the store real quick. Amarillo Police say 79 vehicles were stolen in the month January alone.
10 Unusual Winter Activities You Might Not Know About
This winter, when the snow is piled high outside your doorway, or in the mountains nearby, you could head out into the cold and build a snowman or have an epic snowball fight. Those are some time-honored winter traditions, yet when the temperature drops, there’s so much more you can …

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