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Hurricane Irene Strengthens, Heads Toward the US [VIDEO]
Authorities along the Atlantic seaboard are closely monitoring Hurricane Irene’s projected path, and preparing for the powerful storm’s arrival later in the week.
The first major hurricane of the season became a Category 2 storm on Aug. 22, and could strengthen even mo…
US Vulnerable To Cyber Attack
We have known for a while that the United States is vulnerable to hackers, and the threat continues to grow. As the cyber/hacker community grows and becomes even more knowledgeable, it becomes more important to have a cyber defense team that can handle such a threat.
John Bolton : 4 Mistakes We Can Not Make Again
Former Ambassador John Bolton speaks out on the new trouble in the Middle East.
After nearly a month of signaling disinterest in or outright opposition to imposing a no-fly zone against Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi, President Barrack Obama did a 180-degree reversal last week...
US Fires Missles At Lybia
Well, after much prodding from Washington the administration finally takes some action against Lybia and fires Tomahawk missles at strategic anti-aircraft targets.