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The Most Controversial Super Bowl Ads of All Time [VIDEOS]
Super Bowl ads tend to have more longevity than traditional commercials thanks to their large budgets, creative freedom and overall goal to keep you glued to the TV between quarters. Some, however, aren't remembered for the joy they brought but rather for the public outcry they produced.
PETA Launching Porn Site
.xxx domains are opening up, the internet's new calling card for adult oriented sites.  Unlike most companies who plan to block their triple x domain, PETA has decided to launch a porn site dedicated to drawing attention to the plight of animals.
Big Game, Big Mess
The Big Game was all that and a bag of chips.  And everybody is complaining about the wrong stuff!
Super Bowl, Super Stadium
Sunday is the big game.  Bigger than anything you can imagine of it's type.  And it takes an even bigger stadium to pull it off.