Erin Andrews Files $10 Million Lawsuit Over Nude Video
When staying in a hotel, there is an expectation of privacy, right? Well, ESPN correspondent Erin Andrews lost that privacy big time in 2008 when video was taken of her naked through a hole in her hotel room wall and then leaked onto the Internet. Andrews is now filing suit.
Couple Sues Airline Over Cockroach-Infested Flight [VIDEO]
With delays, baggage fees and overbooking, flying already has the potential to be a miserable experience. But imagine if you had to share your flight with cockroaches. According to Harry Marsh and Kaitlin Rush, that’s exactly what happened to them. They’re now suing c…
Man Sues White Castle For Bigger Seats
A man in N.Y. has decided he's waited on his local White Castle long enough to instal promised bigger seats for his large girth.  Instead of taking the law in his own hands, he's taking them to court.
Man Sues White Castle Over Booth Size
Normally a lawsuit involving a fast food chain and a patron has something to do with the food. In the case of Martin Kessman versus White Castle the main complaint by Mr. Kessman is that the restaurant’s booths aren’t big enough. Online Dish explains how his local Whi…
Federal Government Sues to Keep AT&T from Buying T-Mobile
On Wednesday, the US Department of Justice filed suit to stop AT&T’s bid to buy rival cell service provider T-Mobile, saying the acquisition would result in consumers facing “higher prices, less product variety and innovation, and poorer quality services due to reduced incentives to invest.”
The …