Occupy LA Protest Eviction Sparks Arrests
The 'Occupy Wall Street' protest has reached every corner of the United States. People who are protesting corporate gains (which are chalked up to greed) and feel that the lower class is getting left behind, comprise most of the people sitting for weeks and months at a time in public parks…
Plumbing Contractor Protests by Lining Yard With Toilets [VIDEO]
In an attempt to poo-poo his town's decision to add onto the middle school across the street from his home, plumber David Linscott has lined his Kittery, Maine yard with 17 commodes.
In addition to the reconstruction at Shapleigh Middle School, the road in front of the school was widened to allow for…
Gunfire In Protests In Libya
The unrest of the Middle East grows even hotter today as gunfire rings out in masses of protesters. At what point does the United States step in, or should we?