Hard-Liners In Iran Criticize Geneva Agreement
TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Hard-line Iranian lawmakers criticized a nuclear deal reached in Geneva last week, with one calling it a "poisoned chalice," but a majority of deputies who spoke Wednesday in a parliamentary hearing on the accord backed an initiative that appears to enjoy …
Iran Presents Nuclear Proposals At Geneva Talks
GENEVA (AP) — Declaring that Iran no longer wants to "walk in the dark" of international isolation, Iranian negotiators put forward what they called a potential breakthrough plan Tuesday at the long-stalled talks on easing fears that Tehran wants atomic arms.
US Authorizes Evacuation Of Americans From Japan
Things seem to be getting worse in Japan right now. In the aftermath of a 9.0 earthquake, a massive tsunami and a nuclear power plant on the verge of meltdown, the US has urged any American citizens to evacuate Japan.
The State Department says the first U...