Marshawn Lynch Is Now The Man When It Comes To Skittles
To celebrate a deal with the Seahawks' trip to the Super Bowl, Skittles will produce a limited edition bag called the "Seattle mix" full of just blue and green candies that will be auctioned off to a few fans. The proceeds will go to Lynch's charity, the Fam 1st Family Fo…
Do You Support a Manned Flight to Mars? — Survey of the Day
Mars is in the news these days thanks to the Curiosity rover which recently landed on the red planet. The goal of the six-wheeled robot is to find signs of life on Mars, and NASA also hopes that its 23 month mission will increase public awareness of the space program.
But will it rekindle interest in…
See Photos and Video From Mars Rover Curiosity
After an eight month journey, NASA’s multi-billion dollar rover Curiosity made a successful landing on Mars early this morning. Mission controllers cheered after the six-wheeled, one-ton machine made a perilous seven-minute landing involving a parachute, rocket pack and sky crane.