Figure Skater Finishes Routine After Breaking Nose [VIDEO]
Canadian figure skater Eric Radford looked like a hockey player after he completed his pairs routine at the Skating World Championships in Moscow on Tuesday.
That's because his partner ,Megan Duhamel, unintentionally elbowed him in the face on the way down from a toss, leaving Radford's nos…
Streaker Takes Jog on L.A. Freeway
You see a lot of nutty things driving down the freeway in any major city, but morning passengers on the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles got more than they bargained for when a man decided to take a nude stroll on the side of the road on Tuesday.
A number of motorists saw the suspect running in only a pair…
Man Holds Up Sister in Adult Bookstore Robbery
20-year-old Nathaniel Atkinson has just been convicted of a stick-up robbery of a Lincoln, Nebraska adult book store. But here's the catch: His sister was working behind the porn shop's register when he committed his crime.
Atkinson avoided being identified by his kin by wearing a mask and socks on…
Man Arrested for DUI Admits to Sexting While Driving
Phernando Cuello of Florida was arrested early Sunday morning after he was involved in a minor car accident. Initially Cuello told Pasco County deputies that the accident wasn't his fault, but glassy eyes, alcohol breath and slurred speech demonstrated otherwise.
After 29-year-old Cuello miserably fa…
DWI Offender Drinks Beer in Court
Keith Gruber of Swan Lake, NY, was an hour and a half late for his 10:30 AM pretrial felony DWI hearing in Sullivan County Court.
It would have probably been best if the 49-year-old didn't show up at all.
That's because Gruber stumbled into the proceeding while swigging on an open can of Bu…
Homeless Man Finds Lost-Lost Daughter Through Twitter [VIDEO]
Daniel Morales, a New York City homeless man, got more out of 140 characters than he ever expected when an initiative called Underheard in New York supplied him with a pre-paid cell phone and access to Twitter -- he got to reunite with his estranged daughter. Underheard aims to give a (digital) voic…

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