81-Year-Old Man With Broken Leg Saves Wife From Burning Home
When Jim Hopkins realized his house was engulfed in a serious blaze early one morning, he instinctively jumped out of his second story window.
But when the 81-year old Sibly, MO man hit the ground, he realized he had two big problems. First, he had broken his leg in the fall. And,…
Man Sues White Castle Over Booth Size
Normally a lawsuit involving a fast food chain and a patron has something to do with the food. In the case of Martin Kessman versus White Castle the main complaint by Mr. Kessman is that the restaurant’s booths aren’t big enough. Online Dish explains how his local Whi…
Man Shortchanged in Crack Deal Calls 911 for Help
These days, everyone's counting their pennies. So when 41-year-old Dexter White got ripped off in a drugs deal this week, he called police to fix the problem.
The South Carolina man told police he had given $60 to a drug dealer for drugs, but only received $20 worth of drugs.
Cops Find Robber Via Cash Trail
The scene was straight out of a classic Saturday-morning cartoon: After a robber took an undisclosed amount of money from a local CVS, he made a mad dash to a nearby laundromat.
As he ran, the pile of cash in his arms left a trail behind him, making it an easy catch for police officers.

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