Meet The Footwear and Apparel Expert: Karen
Karen Roberts

Karen Roberts, the owner, is a Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) certified coach and the 2009 president of the Lone Star Runners Club. A native New Mexican who settled in Amarillo in 1986, she holds a B.S. in Physical Education from Eastern New Mexico University and a M
Ask The Expert
How do you know which running shoe is best for me?
How can I protect my knees better while running?
Can you help me find a better sports bra?

Watch the video to learn how to find the correct sports bra based on your activity and body type.
Why Them?
“Get Fit, Live Well”
Get Fit is the Amarillo area’s only specialty running store and was named one of the “50 Best Running Stores in America for 2011″ by Competitor Magazine! They carry the very best in running shoes, apparel, and acce…
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Check out the 7 Bar & Grill Lunch Specials Menu!

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You're probably wondering what delicious meals they offer. If so, then go to www.7grillandbar.com/food-menu.php and check out the menu! They o
7 Bar & Grill
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Unique Individuals
Do you want your child to be in a child care setting where they are watched and instructed by trustworthy people who love children?  Should they be patient, kind and gentle? They should be trained and certified to be competent to both teach and care for your child’s safety …
Every Child is a Unique Individual
"Every child is unique. Every child is an individual. Every child can learn."

Unique Individuals is a new state-of-the-art educational facility. They provide services to children six-weeks old to thirteen years old. Unique Individuals is a private, non-public school, offering before and aft…
Get Motivated with Gold’s Gym
Unlike other gyms in Amarillo, our trainers are employees of the gym, with the common goal of serving only Gold's Gym members. All of their trainers are nationally certified and several have a degree in Exercise Physiology or other related study...

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