US Postal Service Proposes Slashing 120,000 Jobs
Up to 120,000 postal workers may soon be out of work. And those remaining on the job could lose their federal health and retirement benefits.
The US Postal Service’s proposal to slash its workforce by 20 percent would require breaking current labor contracts with the postal unions. If Congress approv…
Nationwide Insurance To Cut 64 Jobs In Amarillo Branch
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64 employees of the Amarillo call office for Nationwide Insurance received 60 day notices that their jobs are being 'phased out'. While they are being offered severance packages, they are still being thrust into a job ma…
Unemployment Reaches 9.2 Again While Business Hiring Stalls
If you are trying to find a job in this "recovery", you are probably finding it a bit difficult. With only 18,000 net jobs created in June, this isn't even enough to keep up with population growth. Just to keep up with population growth there would need to be 125,000 jobs crea…

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