Track Santa on Christmas with These Great Santa Trackers
Christmas is almost here! I cannot wait, and I know the kids can't wait for Santa to arrive. So if you are needing a great way to keep track of Santa to make sure the kids get to bed when they need to, then here's a list of great ways to track Santa on Christmas Eve.
FBI In A GPS Pickle After Supreme Court Decision
The Supreme Court has recently ruled in a case that compels the FBI to obtain a search warrant before using a clandestine GPS device on people's vehicles.  The decision also saw the FBI deactivate an devices they currently have in the field.  And that makes it hard for them to get the…
Woman Drives Car Into Water, GPS to Blame [VIDEO]
In many cases, your GPS can be a life saver. In others, it’ll lead your car into a scary neighborhood, the wrong way on a one-way road or worse — into a body of water.
A woman who was using the GPS in her rental car while in Bellevue, Washington learned the hard way that you can…