Arlen Specter, Former U.S. Senator, Dead at 82
Arlen Specter, the bristly former Republican senator from Pennsylvania who often made headlines by playing the political center and confounding Republican colleagues in the Senate, died today at age 82. According to Specter's family, his death was due to complications from non-Hodgkin's ly…
Florida Man Dies After Roach Eating Contest
Eating a big ol’ juicy bug is one of those things a guy’s gotta do at least once in his life. It’s like drinking bull testicle beer--a one-time-BAM-done kind of deal that’s a true testament to one’s manhood.
Is Jimmy Hoffa Buried Under a Driveway in Michigan?
The search for Jimmy Hoffa, the Teamster union boss who was purportedly murdered by the Mafia in 1975, still flares up from time to time — even though Hoffa was declared legally dead, absent his body, in 1982. It seems that good ol’ Jimmy just doesn’t want …
Dallas 911 Caller Killed After Cops Leave Her House
DALLAS (AP) — Relatives of a Dallas woman who called 911 but was later found slain in her bathtub have met with police Chief David Brown.
The Dallas Morning News ( reports Brown met privately Monday with Deanna Cook's mother and two sisters at police headquarters...
Phyllis Diller Dead at Age 95
Legendary comedienne and TV star Phyllis Diller has died at the age of 95. Diller’s health had been in decline and she died earlier this morning at her Los Angeles home.

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