What Are America’s Saddest Cities?
In a recent list of the happiest and saddest cities compiled by Men’s Health, it should come as no shock that residents of Honolulu, Hawaii are the most blissful. But sun, sand, and surf aren’t always enough. In fact, a few of the 10 cities with the unhappiest people …
What Are the 10 Best Places to Retire?
When people retire, they often decide to pull up stakes and move to a new city. No longer bound by the restraints of employment offices or client locales, retirees may instead find themselves drawn to places with great weather, affordable housing or better amenities than where they currently live.
Which Cities Have the Best — and Worst — Commute Times?
If you’re fed up with your long commute to work, you may want to consider a move to Great Falls, Montana.
While a new report from the Census Bureau shows the average US commute is about 25 minutes, those in Great Falls only have a 14-minute travel time, the shortest in the country.
Amarillo Officials Will Dispose Of Your Fireworks For You
If you have already have your fireworks for this year, the City Of Amarillo Officials are offering up an amnesty program in which they will come to your home and dispose of you fireworks for you. Well, that is awesome. I can't wait to call the city and have them dispose of my fireworks...
Pittsburgh Is The Most Liveable City In The U.S.
"The Economist" has rated Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania the most liveable city in the United States. The magazine bases their ratings on stability, health care, culture and environment, education, and infrastructure.
Despite topping the U.S., Pittsburgh was only the 29th most highly rated city …