9 Actors You Didn’t Know Started in Theater
They can't all get their start in Levi's commercials -- a lot of actors started their careers in theater, leaving behind no hilarious commercials for us to laugh at. What a bunch of jerks. Here they are, nine people who would rather "do 'The Crucible' than sell corn…
Ryan Gosling Saved a Woman From Getting Hit by a Car
Actor Ryan Gosling is a man of action. We know that from last year when he jumped in and stopped a violent scuffle that had broken out between two pedestrians in the middle of a Manhattan intersection.
Gosling was patrolling the streets of NYC again yesterday, and this time he may have save…
Celebrity Birthdays for March 20 – Spike Lee, Holly Hunter and More
Here’s a look at some notable birthdays being celebrated today:
Spike Lee
Age: 55
Occupation: Director, Producer, Writer and Actor
Known For: Earning two Oscar nominations for helming controversial socio-political films like ‘Do the Right Thing,’ ‘Jungle Fever’ and ‘Malcolm X’ as well as documentaries i…
5 Celebrities-Turned-Politicians
Celebrities often look for a second act in their careers, including trading the glitz and glamour of Hollywood for the law and order of political office. Recently, ‘Survivor’ fan favorite Rupert Boneham announced he was interested in running for governor of Indiana, and Alec Baldwin reportedly consi…