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Casey Anthony Spotted Shopping and Relaxing in Ohio
Ever since Casey Anthony was acquitted of killing her young daughter and released from a Florida prison several weeks ago, her whereabouts have been kept secret to ensure her safety from members of the public angry about the verdict.
Now she’s been spotted in Ohio, where she reportedl…
Search and Rescue Group Files Civil Suit Against Casey Anthony
Search and Rescue Group Files Civil Suit Against Casey AnthonyThe search and rescue group that organized the search for Caylee Anthony has filed a civil suit against her mother, Casey Anthony, to recover money spent in the search to find the girl.
Anthony, 25, was found not guilty in her daughter's 2…
Casey Anthony to be Released From Jail July 13
Casey Anthony was sentenced to four years in jail Thursday for lying to investigators in charge of the search for her daughter, Caylee. However, Anthony will be set free on July 13 since she's served almost three years in jail while awaiting trial with a record of good behavior.
Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty – Murderer Walks Free
Casey Anthony was accused of killing her 2 year old daughter Caylee was found not guilty today. She walks free. After jury deliberation, and listening to testimony for weeks, they delivered this verdict. It shows that people can be swayed by distraction and in this case it seems to have worked...