Will There Be Another White Christmas Here In The Texas Panhandle
Christmas is right around the corner being exactly one week away. We already seen snow in the area twice and winter hasn't officially begun yet. So to the many people who enjoyed the white Christmas we had last year. Does it feel like we will have another white Christmas for 2013?
Obama Counting On Hispanic Vote In 2012 Election
LAS VEGAS (AP) — In the heavily-Hispanic neighborhoods of Las Vegas, unemployment is high and home values are down.
But President Barack Obama's immigration stand has locked in support from a fast-growing demographic group that has been trending sharply Democratic in the wake of increasing…
Obama Goes After The Women Vote After Losing Ground
VIENNA, Va. (AP) — President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are engaged in an all-out effort to court women in the campaign's closing weeks, knowing that women could help determine the winner in a series of toss-up states.
Women have emerged as the pivotal voting bloc in the aftermath of the second pre…
Bill Clinton To Rally Democrat Votes In San Antonio
SAN ANTONIO (AP) — Former President Bill Clinton is coming to Texas to campaign for Democratic congressional hopeful Pete Gallego, who's locked in one of the state's few competitive races.
Gallego spokeswoman Rebecca Acuna says Clinton will hold a rally for the state lawmaker Thursday…

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