Joe Biden has jumped in and done what few seem to be able to do.  He's saved you and me a lot of taxpayer money.  By suspending production of the menace known as Presidential Dollar Coins we're going to save a whole $50 million.

I love it when a plan comes together. This is not one of those times.

Since 2007 the US Mint has been producing special Presidential dollar coins at the direction of Congress.  Which was news to me because I've never seen one.  Many of us haven't.  But those 2,376,250,000 dollars are somewhere.

A huge stash of them are sitting in mint warehouses gathering value or dust depending on who you ask.  And by huge stash I mean over $1 billion worth of them.  Just.  Sitting.  There.

But thanks to Joe Biden someone has stepped in and ended the madness.  Don't ever let it be said the Vice President doesn't do anything more than hunt friends.

But $50 million?  Joe, you can do better!