The BIG GAME is coming on February 5th to NBC.  If you own a company and would like to buy an ad you're out of luck.

Last year's Super Bowl garnered 111 million viewers and is widely viewed as the last sure thing in television audiences.

We love our sports.  And we love our Super Bowl commercials.  There is no other time of the year when commercials are purposely watched as much as the game.  Some people prefer the commercials.  Said people are most likely football widows and snake makers.

Last year the average price for ads during the game was $3 million.  This year the average is #3.5 million with the final spot going for $4 million.

The Super Bowl will be broadcast online for the first time in history and NBC has announced all advertising slots online are sold out as well.

There are 70 individual commercials during the game.  Some companies buy multiple spots.

If you are heading to the Super Bowl this year, check out the world's largest zipline they have planned for you to ride.

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