When you are driving around town in the oppressive heat of summer you probably have a few complaints about the other drivers around you and all the road construction going on around town.  Try being a road crew worker, that's pretty hot.

Twenty-percent of the population does 100% of the complaining.  This law is especially true when it comes to road construction.

Some people get mad about the potholes and then complain about having to drive around when the road crews are trying to fix it.  Hot temperatures set tempers to high.

Or when they aren't trying to fix it.  In front of the station there is a stretch of 34th the city ground down last week and hasn't touched since last Wednesday.  It may be aggravating but the extreme heat has much to do with the slowness of the work.

We may need our roads in proper repair but no one needs to die from heatstroke trying to get the work done.

TxDot has reasonable guidelines for when roadwork has to be suspended and they try to get done each day before the heat is at its highest.  The pavement can get as hot as 140 degrees at its peak.

Be patient with the road situation.  Rome wasn't repaired in a day, in fact it never got repaired at all.